This is a portrait series about heroes.

Not in the sense of the kind you see on big screens all too often nowadays, but all of us, the normal people, the fighters of the obstacles that confront too many where solutions find too few, too late. This started out as a series about cancer survivors, which has touched all of us in some way or another. After talking we decided to not limit it to that, but to different obstacles people face, some hidden from the surface harder to see; Sexual abuse, physical abuse, depression, HIV, and sadly more. I talked to each person about their own experience while they sat. It's hard to ask someone to recall something so traumatizing, but each person involved was so amazing and brave to talk with me while we shot. In the end we flipped it around, talking about overcoming it all, surviving. I am so thankful for each person having shared their experiences with me and more so that they left smiling and laughing. Please head to the blog to see their whole stories.
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