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StevieChris is an experienced commercial advertising photographer focusing on conceptual and environmental portrait work.  Stevie has had a range of editorial clients including nationally recognized entertainment personalities and Hollywood award-winning film composers.  

Whether he is seeking to reveal the personality of a portrait  subject or sculpting a series of shots for a theatrical  composite piece, Stevie aims  to encapsulate the desired image while highlighting his crisp, edgy style.

Stevie’s environmental portraiture work seeks to represent honest personality by building a rich, personalized shot.   There is an enigmatic feel to many of his  images, which evokes lasting curiosity in the viewer.   Stevie’s work wants to express extra charisma to enhance the average more than meets the eye.

Self-taught, Stevie is always inspired to experiment with techniques and maintains a fantastical curiosity with every shot.  He is akin to the playful Peter Parker,  capturing the super shot and engaging the imagination of the world.  Traveling and playing music with award winning acts for almost 5 years drew Stevie to want to express the “story of it all” with energetic theatrics and lighting to infuse his booming imagery with adventure. 

Stevie combines his strong creative vision with great communication to ensure that every photo created will convey the visual goal ofthe client.  Each shoot is a collaboration and an expression, and StevieChris delivers unique, polished, conceptual imagery.  He truly shines on studio sets and locations, creatively and effectively directing any team effort. 

Based in NYC & Philadelphia, StevieChris shoots for clients in the advertising, commercial and entertainment industries and is available for assignments on both coasts & worldwide.




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