1. A Day with Chris Sullivan, or “Cleary” - Thankfully Not In His Ambulance

    Date 09 May 2016
    A few months back I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Chris Sullivan, who most of you might better know as ”Cleary“ from Cinemax’s ”The Knick”, the brutal and intimidating ambulance driver with a big presence even a shadow would hide from. Chris, or Sully, is anything but. He is a warm…

  2. Tell Stories, Make Images, Not Pictures

    Date 29 Feb 2016
    Photography; Being a photographer, what’s it all about? Many still think, especially this day and age, that being a photographer is all about pressing a button and “taking” a photo. That could be the furthest thing from the truth. Yes, pressing the button is part of it, but what is…

  3. Learn to Detach & Edit Down Your Work

    Date 24 Feb 2016
    I wanted to share something with you guys that is often overlooked but so incredibly important, editing your work. Now I see photographers making posts, comments, tweets every day about editing their work. When I think of editing, I always think of sitting in front of a computer or with your client narrowing down…

  4. Being a Pro Photographer; Why It’s So Easy

    Date 01 Feb 2016
    Well, before I even begin, before finishing these first few sentences, I want to tell you to close this window slap yourself into reality and sell all of your camera equipment, if for even a second, you thought this title was serious or had any legitimacy in any way shape or form. Before we continue…

  5. The Brothers Blair, Sorta Grimm

    Date 02 Oct 2015
    Here we are; Fishtown in Philadelphia, sitting in a hot, dark dingy warehouse you might easily suspect is the setting for a slasher film . Whispering hints of horror and suspense buzzing around each dusty corner, lurking from the shadows softly fading away just as subtly and sharply as they appeared. No this isn’t a scary movie, but…

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